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The new periodical “God’s Prophets” wants to be “ECHO OF THE VOICES” of the  true contemporary prophets, today present in the Catholic Church. The God’s prophets, who the periodical wishes to give voice to, are announcing – besides the uneasy and gloomy end days – the new dawn, the new era, the era of Light. This is why we have created a symbolic cover showing a pink coloured dawn with the glare of the rising sun: Sun that is the symbol of Jesus, who is about to come.

The messages  received through such prophets, and which we are hereby presenting, have all been examined according to the selection rules of the Catholic Church and have been found true.

In the first section, the periodical includes articles investigating and going deeper into some of the themes contained in the messages from such present-day prophets.

In the present issue we are mainly dealing with the evaluation and selection of extraordinary charismas.

The article by Professor Norrito is intended to show the distinctive trait of importance of private revelations and their connection with the Public Revelation, since they help the full understanding of various Biblical texts and announce future events.

The article by Father Pablo deals with the end days and with the time when God will reign on this Earth, when God’s Will will be fulfilled  by everybody, following the examples of Jesus and Mary and of the charismatic woman Luisa Piccarreta.

It’s important to point out that the expression “New Era” has nothing to do with the “New Age” Movement. According to the messages through the true God’s prophets, the “New Era” indicates the period of time that will start with the intermediate coming of Jesus, who comes to establish the Kingdom of God even on this Earth, as Jesus taught us in the prayer “Our Father”.

God’s prophets let us know the whole God’s  Plan” both for the present and for the future. The numerous current extraordinary charismas, all in accordance with one another, form a “MOSAIC”, in which every charisma has its own place and significance. It’s absolutely necessary to know this “Plan” from God, which explains the future events which will take place both in the Catholic Church and in the World. In such a “Plan”, we have revelations about the present Pope and about what will happen after his death. About him, one of these charismatic people said: “as long as he lives, everything is suspended”, which means that the great events will all happen after his death or, better, after “the martyrdom of John Paul II”. Among the main events we have: the manifestation of the ecclesiastic Antichrist, who will take over Peter’s Throne and who, together with the political Antichrist, will persecute the real believers, the ones still faithful to Jesus Christ; the great Chastisement, during which both the Church and the Earth will be purified, before the coming back of Jesus.

The article by Johannes the Parvulis clearly speaks about the Primacy of Peter and about the necessary conditions to make the election of a Pope valid and effective.

It is important, finally, to consecrate ourselves to the Virgin Mary, because She is the One who keeps in Her Heart the little “herd” still faithful to Jesus Christ and She’s also the One who is preparing us to the coming back of Jesus, to His Intermediate Return, which is now very close.

In this waiting time, it’s useful to pray in groups so as to help each other and grow in our Faith, using also those prayers of supernatural origin, like the special blessing coming out of the devotion to Jesus, King of all the nations.




Even if mainly interested in letting people know the messages of today’s prophets, God’s Prophets is also a periodical giving both religious formation and information. In fact, each issue will also include material and articles for improving the readers’ learning and spirituality.

This issue includes an article about the criteria used for the evaluation of extraordinary charismas. We have dealt with Luisa Piccarreta, the “tool” chosen by God to let the world know the DIVINE WILL, which we will regularly deal with, starting from the next issue of March 2004.

Then we have quoted a message from the Virgin Mary about the ecclesiastical Masonry, because it is important to know what the prophets of God say about the penetration of Masonry into the Catholic Church, so that we can recognize it, avoid falling into it and fight it.

This is why we have found it necessary to report what the prophets say about taking the Holy Communion in our hands. To this purpose, we have quoted a message from Jesus, which is a strong appeal to Bishops and priests about how to administer the Eucharist to the worshippers.

In the same way as the prophets of the Old Testament were sent by God to take His Word to kings, priests and to all the people, so the new prophets of God are today sent by Him to pass the Divine messages on to bishops, priests and to all the people, with great strength and courage.